My name is Susan.  I'm 5'7", Brown Eyes, and I always have long brown hair.  I am straight, tried the other way, didn't like it.

Sometimes I feel that I was born a century or three too late. There are times I feel greatly out of place in this modern world. I have the tendency to resist change, especially technologically. I find great solace out in nature, even if it is just sitting on the front porch watching the sun set or the moon rise.

 I feel stifled in cities with its incessant drone of traffic, sirens, and most of all, lights.

 I try to remember to "bloom where I am planted."



When I was in my teens, that is, before I was 18, my parents were nudists and we would spend the weekends at gatherings. I grew accustomed to nudity, but the lifestyle presented some unique opportunities.

Let's just say, I was put together very well, and was openly curious.

I was definitely a flirt and the fellas would come on to me all the time.  There were a few I really liked and with those we would sneak off somewhere private and make out.  I got bored with just making out and one day I was with this guy and we went all the way. As it was my first time, I braced myself for a painful experience but as he gently slipped inside me, the feeling was incredible, and I wanted more, lots more. From then on, I spent a lot of time with him, and a few others, learning and experimenting.

 To make that story short, I was very wild in those days



The picture to the left was taken in1968, when I had just turned 18.  That was the year I went out on my own and got My First Summer Job,  which by accident, turned out to be quite an adventure.


I was a hippie and celebrated Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, and was part of the Free Love Movement.



I met Kelley in 1978.  He had returned from Vietnam several years earlier and was wrapped a little tight from the war.

He was a ladies man, DJ at a local bar and drove a hot car, and had a great ass.I was honest about my past with him, as I remembered those days I had enjoyed so much, and he of course, was very open to my uninhibited life style.


He confided in me and explained that he had taken some photos of local girls and had an idea of why I liked it so much.  He said that if I ever wanted to pose for him, he would be very open to that.  We were, like mined and hit it off immediately.


  We agreed that we would be open to everything, but it was a year after we were married before we experimented with my love for those past things.  Let's face it, variety is always refreshing.


We were married in 1979 in New Orleans.

We remained there for several years, Kelley DJ'ing a local radio station and I worked for a large company downtown.

We eventually moved to Colorado.


These Days

Well, I don't work in Vegas anymore, and doing what I did there is illegal everywhere now.  At least I got to do it.

We love to meeting new people and open to almost anything that's fun. 

 My passion is the Outdoors and Photography.

  I love to be photographed especially if the photographer wants to  catch me being natural, if you know what I mean.

Anything worth doing, Is worth doing on camera! Yes including that.

Well, that's a little about me, now let me show you some of my photos, videos, and tell you some of my private stories.

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