2002-2004 Winter Season

Snow Tubing at The Mountain Top Adventure Park

Windham Mountain

In the Catskills of New York

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Groove Tube   2004  Windham Mountain, NY   Fun on the Tubing Hill



We walk a delicate line between success and failure


Letter 1  A letter To All The Staff   02/15/04


Letter 2 When it All Goes Wrong   03/13/04


The Nuts and Bolts of the Operation

December 25, 2003

December 28, 2003

New Years Eve

January 3, 2004

February 1, 2004  Photos by: Lucas


March 28, 2004

After working as a co mountain manager last year, I would like to wish all the returning employees and my friends a great 2004-2005 season.  Have fun with all the new toys Tim has put in.  As for us we are in Colorado and have started Hot Shots Photography and are opening our studio soon.  I do feel a bit badly because I did get some fresh tracks on 18" of new snow last week on Aspen Mountain, and that was in September, LOL.  Might even take a shot at The Powder 8 this year.  Who knows, Right?


Photos from last year

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